The Lost Data on the Chariots of the Elohim

By Martha Helene Jones A.A.,A.A.S.

"In melodies we shall shout to Him, that All Great YHWH, king over all the Elohim...we shall worship and we shall bow down, we shall kneel before YHWH Maker of us." Ps. 95:3. This verse is only one of many instances in the Bible where Elohim does NOT mean the Creator, to check the Hebrew spelling and meaning go to:

Who are the Elohim? Why are there depictions and descriptions of their vehicles (aka "Chariots of the Gods") throughout the histories and ancient religions of the world? If they are still watching us, why don't they communicate with us or give us any evidence of their presence, or have they?

If they are here why don't they contact the authorities? Could it have something to do with the same reason the early Israelites had no kings (the military leaders of their time Gen. 36:31), and a refusal to acknowledge the right of anyone, except the Creator, to rule His children. This especially would mean those using violence to profit and protect their own interests and those of their political alliances, and who do their best to deny any higher authority than their own?

Why have large groups of people spotted strange lights in the sky, appearing and disappearing at will, and performing feats no earthly aircraft could manage? If they are all hoaxed, how could a multitude of strangers at a distance from each other, make simultaneous videotapes of them? (see the Mexico City eclipse, 7/11/91).

Why are humans capable of skills so far beyond all the other animals? What are the hidden mysteries and secrets of the kingdom of heaven (Luke 8:10-11) that came down from the time of the Old Testament to Jesus, and of which he spoke? What secret teachings did he speak of to his disciples (of which, according to Matt. 13:11; Mark 4:11, he only dared speak of in parables to the masses).

How did revelation of these secrets eventually contribute to the motives for his murder, and the murder of his disciples, when they were mentioned publicly? Learn these things and the verses where he is quoted mentioning them. Learn about the word Elohim (SHD 430 - gods, plural of SHD 433 Eloah - god) which Jesus translated as "Gods" - plural when he quotes Ps. 82:6 in John 10:34 "Is it not written in your law? I said ye are Gods(Elohim). " Learn about how 'elohim' eventually came to be translated as "God" singular, along with YHWH's holy name which was never used as a plural word. And learn the originating motives behind all these events and other murders, perpetuating the continuation of a cover-up, lasting from long before his birth until now.

This book also contains information on the following subjects; the Magi who followed the star as it moved across the sky; lost continents and the Great flood; the Shemsu Hor and the winged disk of the Egyptians; the sons of the Elohim who took wives from the daughters of the Adam; vegetarianism in the bible; mention of the little people in the bible; and the Rh negative bloodline, lacking in the earthling primate rhesus gene.

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